Lower Kansas River WRAPS

The Lower Kansas River WRAPS started in November 2007.

The Lower Kansas Watershed includes parts of six counties including Atchison, Douglas, Jefferson, Johnson, Leavenworth, and Wyandotte Counties.

The Lower Kansas WRAPS Project Area covers the Lower Kansas HUC 8 watershed with the exception of the Wakarusa River drainage which feeds Clinton Lake.

The primary pollutant concern of this watershed’s streams and rivers is bacteria, which is present in human and animal waste. Approximately 77% of the impaired stream/river segments within the Lower Kansas WRAPS do not meet their designated uses.

A nine element plan was completed in June 2011.  The overall goal plan is to provide a blueprint of protection and restoration strategies and activities to protect and restore surface waters in the Lower Kansas WRAPS Project Area.

The priority watershed focus for the next 5 years is Nine Mile Creek which includes HUC 10s 1027010403 and 1027010404. The watershed is 22% cropland and 52% pasture/hay/grassland with 18% in woodland. Grazing density of livestock is high, with a number of subwatersheds with more than 50 animal units per square mile.

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