Conservation enriches the land, water, and wildlife.


A simple way to protect wildlife.

Communication towers and power transmission lines kill approximately 6.8 million birds per year worldwide due too collisions and related issues.

The photo shows Evergy, our partner, installing Bird Flight Diverters near Quivira National Wildlife Refuge. Studies show diverters significantly reduce bird collisions and mortalities.

Bird Flight Diverters are mounted on overhead-lines and gridded structures. They reflect light and glow in the dark while rotating with wind pressure which helps birds detect and veer away from power-lines and tower beams. The diverter’s increase visibility of overhead lines and reduce risk of birds colliding into the lines, thereby reducing mortalities.

Bird Flight Diverters are especially important around gathering areas such as the wetland habitat near Quivira National Wildlife Refuge. We expect this will significantly reduce potential collision risk for whooping cranes and other birds in the area.