Water Sheds

Incredible rewards from "big picture" perspectives


Ancient wisdom helping Kansas’s now.

The Toronto and Fall River SLT constructed a Zuni Bowl in 2 locations to slow head cutting in gullies caused by concentrated flows of water.  Part of the project also included cutting an old terrace in strategic locations to spread out water across the grassland instead of bringing all of it to the gully that was being restored with the Zuni Bowl.  Bob Culbertson, Toronto/Fall River Watershed coordinated the project.

This is an inexpensive although labor intensive project that can reduce gully erosion in rangeland.  Any landowner or producer can do this if they have access to appropriate size rocks and a few friends to help.

This is a great community builder for a group, such as our SLT.  It also allowed us to work together for a few hours, get to know each other better and produce a product that will help reduce rangeland erosion.