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Megan Rush, WRAPS Watershed Coordinator for Middle Kansas River, enlisted the help of a local landowner to find areas near Soldier Creek that lacked a riparian buffer. Once an area was identified, Megan worked with Tyler Warner, Wildlife Biologist with Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, to design a seed mix that would achieve both of our programs goals, but also to meet the landowners goals.

This project was important because we gained a lush riparian buffer on Soldier Creek to further protect water quality, repair the soils, and hold water. The project was important to Tyler Warner because the buffer creates more wildlife habitat, creates a pollination area, and meets their conservation goals. The landowners wanted areas that were not only nice to look at, but also have an interest in protecting water quality, creating wildlife habitat, and being more progressive in their farming approach.

It is a great example of strong partnership and collaboration between three programs and private landowners. These are the types of projects that make me feel good about the direction of environmental protection.