Keila Sherman

Keila Sherman is the Outreach and Education Specialist for the John Redmond and Toronto-Fall River WRAPS programs.

Keila began working with the Conservation District for Greenwood County after 16 years as a librarian for the school and city libraries and a year for the county road and bridge and noxious weed departments. She has been with the district for more than 8 years. Keila has stayed busy volunteering most of her free time and received the Community Member of the Month in July of 2022 for her efforts to community events. She received the Kansas Association of Conservation & Environmental Education (KACEE) Award of Excellence in Conservation and Environmental Education Government in April of 2020.

Keila has lived in Greenwood County for 33 years, married her high school sweetheart 28 years ago, and has three wonderful kids and two grandchildren. She loves the prairies of the Flint Hills and the trees of Chautauqua Hills. She enjoys spending time rock hunting in creek banks, bow fishing and growing house plants. Her most favorite free time activities are camping at her property near Toronto Lake and being a portrait photographer.